News Force

The News Force is a facet of the Union effort that will grow over time to become a fully functional news service. At present, we will collect news and opinion pieces that are factual and insightful and present them in this page for our visitors and members. All of the Union’s member news and information agencies will have the ability to present information here and, over time, we will build an indexed library of information that will be available to all members. This will become an invaluable resource of information and education to all. The information presented here is required to be factual if presented as news and aligned with a Constitutional perspective if presented as opinion. All feedback to the Union staff on the pieces presented here should be submitted using the ‘Feedback’ button at the bottom of the page. Please only use this button for substantive reasons where factual evidence refutes the report or where pieces clearly do not reflect the vision of the Patriot Union.

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