Why Do We Need A Patriot Union?

America needs more than political reform.

America needs to be reborn!

How The Patriot Union Will Serve You

The vision of the Patriot Union can reform all of our institutions.

How Your Membership Matters

Your role in the Patriot Union will contribute to saving our country.

To Restore Liberty and Justice For All Americans

Never before in our Nation’s history has our Liberty been so seriously threatened. Our people are divided, our Government ignores us, our news media is corrupt, and our culture is starkly split between two contradictory ways of thinking.

Our children are being indoctrinated, our economy is being strangled with regulation, and our debt and deficits threaten to weaken and destroy us…even our courts are failing us…and the patriots of America find themselves with little or no voice.

Millions of Americans are looking for answers and grieving over the decay of our once proud and great country. The model of Government the Founders devised in our Constitution is the one that established this Nation in Liberty and Justice.

But the Federal Government we face now is not functioning as the Founders intended. We must restore the Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States, end the corruption of power, the abuse of taxpayer funds, the tyrannical overreach, and see legitimacy in all the agencies of our government.

We cant depend on elected leaders to do this. There is only one power that can demand such reform in our Government, and that is the American People. Millions of American Patriots joining together, and speaking with one voice, demanding change and having the power and resources to fight for America.

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