Why We Need A Patriot Union

Why do American Patriots need to form a Union?

The two party system developed in America in its earliest stages and for most of our history that system has represented the majority of Americans.  However , as the Federal Government has grown in power and reach it has become an institution that is attempting to control all aspects of American life.  The parties at the Federal level are merely two sides of the same oligarchy.

The American People are watching as Political Power increases, as Representation of the People diminishes, and as our Nation is divided by political and commercial interests that benefit from that division.  The authors of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence understood that when power is centralized power is corrupted.  And they devised a system of Government that intended to assure that power would never be centralized and that it would remain in the hands of the People through a Republic of States, each one autonomous save being guided by the authority of the Constitution.  They understood that ‘One Size Fits All’ is not a good model for Freedom.  They assigned certain powers to the Federal Government, summarized, to handle Foreign Affairs, to protect our Sovereignty, and to regulate Interstate Commerce.

Throughout our history our leaders have gradually expanded those powers and areas of influence until we almost no longer think of ourselves as a Republic of States.  The US Congress passes laws on a daily basis that affect all of the States and the lives of their citizens without regard to States Sovereignty and the model of Government intended by the Founders.  This goes without thought or consideration from the majority of Americans as to its legitimacy and the serious significance it has to Liberty.  It is seen as the status quos and is assumed by most Americans as being the intended model of Government.  But the result of this centralized model of Government with its unchecked ability to garner power and to spend the resources allocated to it by taxpayers has resulted in a Political / Industrial Complex that no longer provides any real Representation of the People.

As the Federal Government expanded its reach and influence it has increased its funding through taxation and regulatory tariffs thus producing a huge budget and ability through that budget to influence the economy, picking winners and losers, decided by whichever Political Party is in power at the moment.  Likewise, Federal regulations shape the economy, thwarting any enterprise that is not deemed ‘worthy’ by those in power regardless of the desire of the citizens of the States and their interests in their communities.  The ‘One Size Fits All’ regulations coming from the Federal agencies do not permit citizens to decide for themselves in their own States what is best for them.   US Senators and Federal Congressional Representatives vote on Bills that are crafted to have the broadest influence and are relegated by the process to adding Amendments that seek to provide resources to their communities, but in this model of Centralization the specific needs of the Americans living in many communities are ignored despite their tax dollars going to fund the chosen endeavors by Congress.  And favors are exchanged in order to gain votes and lobbyists provide pressure to affect their special interests to the point that real representation for Americans is so corrupted as to be meaningless.  The American People are no longer dealing with a Federal Government that represents their interests.

The entire system is corrupted and a perversion of the intent of the Founders becoming a centralized power base through which the will of Business and Special Interests are actualized at the expense of the American People.  And the desire to maintain power and control over the assets of the People to be used as reward money for those who put them in power has caused our Leaders to become experts at deception, to manipulate the agencies of the Government to affect Political Will, and to increasingly impose Tyranny on the citizens of the United States.  All three branches of the Federal Government are corrupted toward the end of enslaving the American People.

But we retain the Right to the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly and the Right to Demand Redress of Grievances.  However, to have any effective voice we must Unite.  WE, The People, can change our Government and are still able to affect our Political Will.  But we must Unite!  The purpose of this Patriot Union is to provide a catalyst to Unite the American People.. People of all Parties and Independents, to accomplish the giant task of changing the direction of our Government.  Because we have watched as President after President has promised change and made speeches to ensure us that they will be different than their predecessors only to see that they were either disingenuous or naive and to see them continue to support the status quo.  They are all corrupted by the System and we can’t expect anything else given the nature of what it takes to acquire power, the election process and the money and power interests that influence it.  But the larger point of focus must not be the leaders who are corrupted but rather the System that corrupts.  And in order for the People to be United they must have a vision… a common vision around which they can universally agree.  Without this Vision there is no hope to unite.

The goal of the Patriot Union is to assemble the voiceless majority of American Patriots and put their collective will to work.  The vision of Liberty and Justice is the vision around which this Union can form.  Our Constitution provides a system of government that ensures Liberty and Justice and our American goal is to see the vision of that free and just government be realized and for all Americans to enjoy the blessings of it.  We must restore a Constitutional America and remove the power and authority from the Federal Government and return it to the States.  The Patriot Union, through all its initiatives and through the efforts and agencies of its members, will empower the American People and be a beacon of the virtues and values and ideals that America was founded on.  And through an example of service we can restore hope and promise to the American People.

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