How Your Membership Matters

How does your membership matter?...In So Many Ways!!

Every person and agency that joins the Patriot Union adds strength to it.  By being a part of the Union you are taking a stand with millions of other Patriots demanding an end to the corruption and perversion of purpose that has infected our culture and our government.  As a member you will enjoy the benefits of being directly connected to the patriots in your community and the efforts they are involved in to save our country.  Supporting them is one way you are supporting the union.

Your membership will provide access to a member’s area that provides ways for you to be directly involved in fighting the evil in our country.  The site will provide ways for you to report issues that require the attention of law enforcement or militia efforts.  Our network will be a conduit of information and calls to action.  When issues arise in our country the patriot community will have a way to respond immediately through the Union.  The Patriot Union will mean our ability to speak and be heard immediately when problems develop. And through our connection to various agencies in communities all over America we will be able to coordinate responses that only good citizens can muster.  Patriots in America will have a voice and a hammer.

Additionally, you will receive updates on matters that directly affect you in your State and your community and be able to speak your thoughts and add them to the collective voice of other Patriots around you.  Union staff will collect the opinions of our members and deliver them to the political leaders that need to hear your voice.  We will show them the opinions and the numbers of Americans behind them and let them use that as their guide.  And when they vote your will we’ll let you know… and when they don’t… we’ll let you know.  And your votes on election day will reflect that.  Soon they will begin to understand that without the votes of American Patriots they can’t get elected.  When that happens they will listen and they will represent the people that elect them.  In time the power of the Patriot Union voice will grow and that, together with all of the initiatives of reform we will be engaged in, will change the direction of America and restore Liberty and Justice.  This is how we reform our governments and our schools.

Bringing about reform in all of our institutions is possible through collective action.  We can reform our city, county, State and Federal governments.  We can reform our public education system and build our own schools.  We can force our news outlets to tell the truth by removing the commercial support for them through collective action.  We can restore America because we, The People, are the power of government.  And all that we do as a Union of American Patriots can stand as an example and a symbol to all of America of what America is supposed to be and how it can function and thrive and provide Liberty and Justice for all.  We can restore virtue and purpose to our nation by being a union of righteous patriots that are committed to the high ideals of Americanism.  You can serve America by being a part of this Union and by participating in the support of it and patriotic efforts in your community and State.  And we welcome everyone that believes in America to stand with us!  Unite and Fight!!

What Happens When You Join?

When you join we collect some basic information about you that permits us to begin connecting you to other patriots in your area that want to work together to save America.  (Your information is absolutely confidential and no business or government agency will ever have access to it!)   You will also be connected to the Patriot agencies in your area that are fighting for patriotic reform on the issues you choose at registration.  You will receive news and information through your profile feed that keeps you aware of legislation and policy that affects you so that you can make your voice heard on it.  And you will be provided convenient ways to make the ones that matter hear you.  By being a member you will be able to speak your mind and have your voice united with millions of other Americans that feel and think as you do.  Being connected to the union through this website will and bound together with millions of other patriots and patriot agencies will give YOU the power to reform America!

You will receive a Union membership card (see above) and you will begin receiving a Union newsletter via email that simply highlights what information was presented about the things that matter to you in our government and in your community.  The Union will be working to make you aware of businesses in your community that are or aren’t defending American ideals and values.  We will organize rallies and boycotts when they are required.  We will be working initiatives that increase security and preparedness for disaster.  And we will be fighting for reform in all the ways that are needed in this country.  And when you bring issues to us that matter to all those around you we’ll work to see they are addressed.  The American Patriot Union will fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

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