How The Patriot Union Will Serve You

How The Patriot Union Will Serve…


Those Fighting For Immigration Reform
The Law Enforcement Community
Political Leaders
Those Fighting For Education Reform
Those Fighting For Reform In The News Media
To Provide Security And Support In Times Of Emergency
Militias And Second Amendment Defenders
In preparing for disaster

To Be A Voice And A Hammer For American Patriots!

‘The Patriot Union will fight for America and for its members… it will give us a voice and a hammer… we will no longer be ignored… and the good and right thinking of American Patriots will once again guide this country.’

The Patriot Union will serve America and its members in myriad ways.  Indeed the vision of the effort of the Patriot Union is as big as America because what we seek to build is the very fabric of a reborn America.  This means seeing reform in all of our institutions from education to the Justice System to the standard of journalism and the role of the News Media in America.  It means reorienting the thinking of Americans to the virtues and ideals that are required for America to even exist.  The way we must do this is by example and with a mentality to serve America and the common good.  By aggregating together all the efforts and initiatives of patriots and patriotic organizations that are fighting for America we can become a collective force for good.. for building solutions to the problems that face America and that are compelling our governments to put strangling regulation and taxation on all of our enterprises and our daily lives.  The illness of America’s institutions are a reflection of illness in our culture.  America is without purpose and without a vision and identity.  The divisions in our culture and our government can’t be bridged with political solutions.  And what all Americans want, even if they are confused in their approach, is Liberty and Justice for all.  Those noble ideals are American.  The solutions to America’s ills do not lie with government but with her people.  The American Patriot Union will be a catalyst for good for America and for Americans of all races, colors and creeds as it seeks to unite the forces for good to fight the forces of evil.

As we seek to unite American Patriots across a broad spectrum of focuses we can illustrate how the Patriot Union will serve various groups of Americans.  Above we’ve described how the Union will serve all Americans.  Below are some ways that the Union will provide support for those that are fighting for our country through various organizations and institutions.

How the Patriot Union will serve…veterans-divider

The men and women that have served this country are the greatest example of America. They have marched into battle ready to lay down their lives for our country and such valor deserves distinction and reward.  But our tradition in the military is humble and those that serve do not receive any real reward.  The last thing any veteran should ever experience is rejection and disdain.  And the needs of soldiers after their service demands a complete commitment from the American People and our government.

The Patriot Union will bring together the many service agencies that are serving veterans and provide them with a support system that can only be provided through such a union.  Veteran’s service agencies will find themselves in membership with those American Patriots most devoted to our nation and to veterans.  This support base will promote their efforts and increase their capability at providing care to those that need it most among our vets.

The Patriot Union will also provide a direct connection and a network of support between all the agencies supporting veterans and the legislative bodies forming policy that affects Veteran’s issues.  This connectivity together with the support of the Union’s membership will aid in bringing immediate and collective response to any calls for support for veteran’s groups and/or individual veterans in need of assistance.  The Union organization will be a clearing house for issues and provide many resources that will help make the lives of Veterans better.immigration-reform-divider


Those Fighting For Immigration Reform
The struggle to see reform in our Immigration system and to see a halt of the influx of millions of illegal aliens is an important fight for the security and prosperity of America.  America is an immigrant nation but immigration must be measured and responsible to ensure that immigrants are assimilated into America culture.  America can’t exist without Americans and those coming to this country to stay are becoming Americans.   So the fight for Immigration reform is two sided, one, to see the process of legitimate immigration enforced and illegals ceasing to be an problem in America, and two, for those that come to this country to become true Americans they must be properly educated, informed and indoctrinated to American idealisms.

The matter of legal enforcement and sealing the border is multi-faceted.  The issues are:

  • Entry of Illegals between border crossings

  • Entry of Illegals through border crossings

  • Legal ‘magnets’ that draw illegals to America

  • ‘Sanctuary Cities’

  • Failure to enforce the laws

All of these issues require certain approaches.  And the Patriot Union will work to see all of these issues addressed.  The united body of Americans that will be the membership of the Union will be a willing body of support and bring force to Union efforts for reform.  By uniting we become able to demand reform in all areas and we provide the resource pool to solve the issues complicating immigration.  We will inform Union membership and facilitate the efforts of Union member agencies in their fight for reform.  This means being able to bring a focused effort on the issues that are key to seeing our immigration system become legitimate and effective.  We can stop the flood of illegals into the country and see that those that come here to be Americans learn and grow in their new won citizenship to the greatest nation on


The Law Enforcement Community

The job of Law Enforcement is a noble profession and one that requires the highest level of devotion to ethical and moral practices.  Law Enforcement agencies are appointed by legislation and empowered by the American People to provide security, safety management, law enforcement, and general service to the public to maintain the public trust.  The mentality of those in Law Enforcement must be clearly dedicated to the service of America.  This means that they must be extremely well equipped, well trained and thoroughly educated in matters of the law pertinent to their service.  That knowledge set is vast and must include a complete understanding of the Rights of American Citizens and must be devoted to maintaining Liberty and Justice.

Justice requires effective law enforcement.  The primary objective of any Law Enforcement agency, as an agency of the People, is to provide a just system in enforcing the law.  All law enforcement agencies, not Federal, are under State and local control.  The performance of these agencies is greatly dependent on the quality of training and the type of training that officers receive as well as the leadership they are under.  The Patriot Union can be instrumental in providing the facility for initiatives at the State and local levels to see a high level of training and uniform procedure strengthened in all law enforcement.  An explicit understanding of the Constitution and the rights of citizens is imperative to that training.  And the Union can be instrumental in both seeing such training initiatives realized in every community as well as monitoring the performance of agencies through liaison relationships.  Again, bringing the involvement of the patriot community into the actions of local government agencies can foster reform and produce agencies that have public confidence.  It also can greatly enhance the effectiveness of those agencies and the support of them.

One of the primary objectives of the organization is to restore State Sovereignty.  The vision of the founders of this country was of a citizenry that was fully engaged in its own security.  This is the reason for the 2nd Amendment as it states explicitly, ”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Given the realities of the threats we face now as a nation virtually all local law enforcement understands that it is not possible for them to provide real security in all eventualities.  The requirement for Americans to have sufficient capability of response to terrorist threats and to natural disasters can be greatly alleviated by the development of ‘well regulated’ militia units in very County in every State in America.  These ‘reserve’ law enforcement officers would be fully trained in all procedures and protocols along with their local police and Sheriff’s departments.  Some States already have laws on the books that provide for such reserve militia units to be funded and organized.  One of the objectives and initiatives of the Patriot Union will be to see such reserve units established all over America.  And the benefits of having local citizenry engaged in their own security in cooperation with local law enforcement will increase security and disaster response to a level that will sure save lives and promote a sense of civic responsibility that is appropriate to self-governance.

These two general areas of effort show how a Patriot Union can restore the relationship between local law enforcement and those it serves as well as become a cooperative effort to meet the security requirements that are emerging in our world.pol-ldr-divider


Political Leaders

Being elected to public office is the highest form of service possible for any American.  Our elected Representatives are to be the voices of the people in the forum of government.  Representatives are elected to represent their constituents.  But participation in the political process, outside of voting is extremely small by most Americans.  In a ‘Government By The People, For The People, And Of The People’ this is a contradiction and a problem that needs to change.

The Patriot Union website will be a polling and data collection engine that will permit the Union to provide information to elected representatives that is vital to the process of democracy.  We will be able to report the positions of constituent members in all Congressional Districts along with statistics that deliver crucial information to our representation.  This will import the will of Patriotic Americans into the political discourse in ways that are not possible at present given the realities of the media and public education.  Good legislation put forward for reform will have the political force needed to see it pass.  And the Union will serve to ‘watchdog’ the performance of all in their legislatures and report that performance to their constituents.  Where strength is needed to move good Constitutional legislation forward the Union will provide the political force to see that happen.  Instead of receiving feedback from a small active base of constituents political leaders will have a much clearer view into the thinking and will of those they seek to serve.  Good Constitutional Representatives will have the benefit of receiving the support of the Union and its membership and in this highly divided climate that support will likely mean the difference between winning elections and losing them.  Political races and debates will be guided by a more serious and engaged electorate.ed-reform-div


Those Fighting For Education Reform

The Education System in America has many complex issues and problems.  Some problems are systemic and some are institutional.  And some issues of reforming our education systems have to do with reforming how Americans participate in the process and policies of their local school systems.  And then there is the issue of funding.  And finally we have the much larger discussion of how we, as Americans, view the significance of educating our children.  Addressing the matter of reform in our education systems means addressing all of these points comprehensively.  However, the objectives of overall reform are able to be ordered by importance.  There are things we have to do immediately and things we have to do in the long term to see our education systems be effective and affordable.

There are many patriotic efforts being conducted in all the States to see reform in education.  Some are involved with reforming public education and some are invested in promoting alternatives and choice in education available to parents.  Bringing together reformers of common and of different approaches and sharing collective strength as well as providing a forum for discussion is a valuable service the Patriot Union can provide.  Additionally, bringing education reformers together with the groups that are invested in legislative reform backed with the collective strength of the entire union means those working for reform in our laws have a direct connection to all who are invested and that will facilitate defining the issues and the solutions to them.  Through polling Union members, we will be able to provide statistical data of the consensus of Americans in any district and State and that will lend force to the legislative process.  And Union staff will be working to show legislators the numbers of those in their district that support the legislative reform.  This means that if the people want school vouchers they get school vouchers.  It means if the people learn of corruption in the school system they can expose and eliminate it.  The Union provides the facility and the mechanism for reforming education in


 Those Fighting For Reform In The News Media

The First Amendment guarantees Freedom of the Press.  The Press must be free to speak, report and investigate matters of importance to American society.  The Press is the source of information to the citizenry and is crucial to the ability of the American People to govern.  Without accurate and unbiased information it is impossible for America to remain Free and Just. So the Constitutional guarantee of freedom in the press is critical to America’s survival.  However, within that freedom lies the opportunity for great corruption and license.  It presents the opportunity for those that would abuse that license to gain control over the Press and to pervert it to their own ends.  Today the vast majority of American Journalists and their editors are presenting the news through a filter of political bias, excluding the voices of some while enhancing the voices of the ones they prefer ideologically.  Even worse, they are guilty of ignoring the crimes of those they prefer while exaggerating the missteps of their ideological foes.  The American Press has been corrupted and is now a tool of forces that are opposite in their view from Americanism.  They lie, they pervert the truth and they misdirect the attention of the general public to control the political narrative.  The Press must remain free but as it is critical to the survival of America any corruption of it cannot be tolerated.

The Patriot Union will serve to provide factual information to its members and to the general population through a ‘Patriot News Force’.  This Union agency will also be the watchdog of journalism in America reporting to its members about what news sources are reliable and which are not.  And the Union will work to see the ability of news agencies that are not providing honest and accurate reporting to garner resources complicated.  Boycotts and challenging the advertisers that support these news agencies is one way we can diminish the influence of the enemies of Liberty and Justice.  But providing accurate information and winning the trust of the American People by reporting the truth in an unbiased way is the surest means to end the tide of ‘yellow journalism’ currently in America.emerg-resp-div-1


To Provide Security And Support In Times Of Emergency

Natural and man-made disasters present a constant threat to American citizens.  The rising threat of terrorism and the rising incidence of natural weather related emergencies means that saving lives depends on citizens and public agencies working cooperatively to alert when emergencies arise; to prepare for impending emergencies; and to respond in the aftermath of disasters.  Additionally, potential economic and civil threats have driven many Americans to begin ‘prepping’ for disaster no matter what the source.  ‘Citizen’s Emergency Response Teams’ (CERT) have begun being developed in communities all over America that are intended to provide security and assistance in the local community when need arises.  Expanding these patriotic efforts can be greatly enhanced through Patriot Union.  Ultimately the vision of this Patriot Union is to see a Constitutional America where the citizens are fully engaged in their communities and providing the solutions required.  If Americanism requires limited government it means that non-governmental agencies… citizen driven agencies… must arise to meet societal needs.  In the event of disaster, the local citizens are always the first to respond and provide aid.  The Patriot Unions efforts and network will work to provide a more comprehensive fabric of security and support for all American citizens.  We can be prepared to survive through Patriot Union.militia-div


Militias And Second Amendment Defenders
Good American men and women are involved in militia efforts and efforts to defend the 2nd Amendment all over the country.  The 2nd Amendment is more than a right to bear arms.  It is a charge to duty and service to America.  It says that every American, being responsible for the Security of a Free State, has the right to bear arms. Our right to bear arms is hinged to being responsible for the security of our Freedom.  The tens of thousands of people that go out every weekend to practice and to be prepared are truly American heroes that deserve to be acknowledged and supported by the community at large.  The demonization of militias in America, the consequence primarily of the actions of radicals, is poison to the America ideal.  Americans are to govern.  And they are to govern with force if required.

Every State is sovereign.  What this means is that every State is responsible for its own security and freedom.  In the Constitutional vision every State is like its own country and bears the responsibility to provide security in all contexts for the benefit of all of the citizens.  This also means responding to crises of all kinds whether they be the consequence of natural disaster or man-made calamity.  The Militia is, by definition, the body of armed citizens in any State and they are required by their State Constitutions, and in many cases by State law, to be ‘well regulated’.  ‘Well Regulated’ means prepared and equipped.  The existence of well regulated militias in every county in every State in America is essential to the model of Liberty and Justice that America demands.  And the participation in, and support of, those militias is every citizen’s duty.

The Patriot Union, being wholly committed to the restoration of a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States, has as a primary initiative the objective of seeing a fully functional militia nationwide.  A dedicated effort by the Union organization is being made to see this realized.  We will work through existing State law and under the mandate of State’s Constitutions to see a formal citizen’s militia formed and to see all of the State’s militias connected together in a national forum that our website will provide.  We will work to see the communication and alert networks established that are needed for effective response to emergencies.  And all of this together will build a sense of Americanism and duty to country and service to fellow men and women that is essential to our revolution to see America restored.disaster-preparedness-div


To be prepared for disaster

Millions of Americans recognize there are threats, both natural and man-made, to our way of life and that being dependent on public systems for water, food and basic survival is not wise.  Recognizing those threats many have begun preparing for what may be an inevitable collapse in public infrastructure.  The patriot union , by providing this platform that facilitates networking and sharing resources, can foster building a ‘community of security’ that will be invaluable should we face sudden disaster no matter the source.  The patriot community has many valuable resources that are available to individuals and agencies and by being connected through this union we can establish a system of support that will sustain our communities in the face of such disaster.pol-force-div


To Be A Voice And A Hammer For American Patriots

The reality in our Federal Government is that American Patriots are not being represented.  Those we elect to represent us arrive in DC to face a machine of government that does not permit change.  It now serves to maintain its own survival and status.  The American News media has been hijacked by Leftists and does not report the views of half of Americans.  Our schools are indoctrinating our children to thinking that is not American.  American Patriots have been pushed to the back and marginalized and demonized.  We end up electing the lesser of two evils and we are not able to see our views represented even when we do.  We watch as decision after decision is made by Congress or by our Governors or President that do not reflect our will.  Even the courts have begun to act in ways that are contrary to the traditional ideals and views of America.  We shake our heads and become angry and frustrated because there doesn’t seem to be any solution.  Patriot Union is the solution.

As we join together the millions and millions of patriotic Americans in our membership we are building a force for revolutionary change in the American political and cultural paradigm.  For the first time in American history we can be a true government by the people.  The website will provide facilities and tools and a network of support that will propel the individual efforts of patriots forward.  The information we will distribute on the part of all member agencies will mean educating the American People of the Constitution and American perspective and bringing them into service and support of all the efforts of patriots nationwide.  Through the union we can confront news agencies that are not fulfilling their obligation to report the truth and bring them to reckoning.  Through the union we can bring the will of patriots in their communities to the development of school policy.  Through the Patriot Union we can reform all our institutions and remove the corruption that infects them.  But the most important thing the Patriot Union can do is be an example of American idealism and American exceptionalism!

America is not a nation like other nations.  America was built on a set of ideals that call for virtues and character in its citizenry.  Liberty and Justice can’t survive without a culture and society that fosters and sustains them.  We must reform as a society in addition to seeing these reforms in all of our institutions.  The Patriot Union in all of its endeavors and initiatives will be demonstrating the will and character of its members… American Patriots.  There is no institution in America that is demonstrating altruism and virtue, service and sacrifice, selflessness and benevolence.  The Patriot Union will bring the character and virtues of America into full view of the entire nation.  It will speak the truth.  It will fight for Justice and Liberty. It will demand reform and will not relent.  And it will do all these things because that is the Spirit and Character of American Patriots.  The American Patriot Union will serve you!


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