There is no expectation for members to donate to the Patriot Union. The Union will find its resources through advertising and the ambition of the Union vision is selfless service to America and the American people. But as we begin building this movement to reform our country we are accepting donations. All of the organization staff is volunteer and 100% of the monies received is being used to build the Union. The American Patriot Union will be unique in its culture and the Union organization, as a non-profit, will demonstrate the highest standard in its selflessness… because there is no way to save our country if we can’t demonstrate selfless service as a mode for the American people. Greed and self-promotion cannot be associated with the Union as an organization nor any of its staff. The grand ideals of Liberty and Justice do not permit that for this effort. We are currently applying for our tax-exempt status and we trust that under the new President’s administration that status will be quickly approved by an unbiased IRS. Thank you for being a member…and if you contribute to this effort you have our pledge that we will honor your gift by ensuring it serves America and America alone.

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