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When we look at everything going wrong in America we see that all of our institutions have been corrupted.  Our Schools have become propaganda mills.  Our News Media has become a tool of ideologues whose vision of America’s future is Socialistic, valueless and amoral.  Our governments from our cities to the Federal Government have become corrupt with greed and power, serving the interests of those that can pay.


Changing this will require more than a political movement or legal strategy.  Healing America will require a cultural movement that believes in and demonstrates the high ideals required to be a free nation.  America is without guidance and leadership.  And the only true leadership is that which is done by example.

The Patriot Union will work to be that example through the many endeavors and initiatives we will support and help to succeed.  Right now in America there are thousands of patriotic efforts underway with many brilliant people moving solutions forward.  The Patriot Union will bring together the people and resources to see those efforts succeed.  The fights for education reform, government reform, reform in the news media, and all of the other fights currently engaged in by our fellow Americans… your fight… will be moved forward through our unity and cooperation.   Fighting corruption together is how we win and see what is good and right realized.

The vision of the American Patriot Union is to see America restored.  One part of that means seeing Liberty and Justice restored through seeing a proper Constitutional government realized.  It is to see the Federal Government limited in its size and power to only handle the affairs designated to it by the Constitution.  The Federal Government was formed by the States to handle foreign affairs… not to regulate and control the daily lives of American citizens.  That responsibility was given solely to the States so that the people could keep local control over their own government.  The Patriot Union will work to promote the reality of Sovereign States and the facility for the citizens of the States to be easily engaged in their local government.  This website will provide a means for citizens to be involved in their government at all levels and to guide it as a government by the People.  We will keep you informed what is happening in your community so that you can express your voice together with other patriots near you.  And by putting your voice together with others in your community we can make leaders listen and act on our wishes.

Bringing American Patriots together in a union means the power to reform our Institutions.schools

Schools – Bringing our schools back to teaching true American history and the ideals that created it can happen through this Union because it gives American Patriots a collective voice and the way to organize collectively to protest and demand reform.  It gives us a way to show how many patriots in every community are fed up with the ways our schools systems are failing to teach our children properly and force them to change it.

The Patriot Union will also be working to expand the Liberty of School Choice.  Americans can control the quality of education by seeing reform in Public Education as well as competition in providers.  Public education is a service that we, the People, provide for our children through our government but as an institution being influenced by an overreaching Federal Government local control is not handled solely by local people but by bureaucrats in Washington DC.  But there is also much corruption in many local school systems with top-heavy bureaucracies driven by people with political agendas.  The Union will work to see a legitimate American education system realizednews

News Media – The Patriot Union in every community will be organized and focused on local news media to ensure that it is unbiased.  Where bias is found we will bring a spotlight to it and organize our members to boycott those agencies that are supporting those media outlets.  We will contact advertisers and bring their attention to the media bias and to our unwillingness to tolerate it.  By withholding our resources in commerce we can end the free reign of control over the news media… we can force news outlets to report the truth without bias so that Americans are informed and can decide how to guide their governments.

Immigration Reform – Reforming our Immigration policies and seeing an end to illegal immigration is an imperative for the Security of America.  There are many thousands of patriotic agencies working in all States to see all of the relevant issues addressed.  There must be an end to local government policies that provide sanctuary in their cities.  There must be enforcement of the law and illegals caught must be deported when they are discovered.  The border must be sealed.  People that are not supposed to be in America cannot be in America if we are to be secure.  The Patriot Union will bring collective force to see legislative reform and resources provided to provide a legitimate and efficient system of immigration.  But Immigration reform means more than dealing with illegals.  It also means seeing a rebirth of the ideal that coming to America is to be an American.  Those that are welcomed to America to enjoy Liberty and Justice must become citizens that can support it.  They must inherit the ideals that support America.  Those that come here to enjoy Liberty and Justice must be people that want to defend it and understand howgovt

Government Reform – Ending the corruption of power and wealth in our governments simply means bringing the people to power.  When the American People are properly informed and engaged in the process of making decisions those decisions properly reflect the will of the people.  This is what our founders intended for American Government.  The Patriot Union will bring the voices of American Patriots to bear in their governments.  City governments, school boards, County and State governments, and all other policy makers will begin to hear your voice delivered to them through the Union.  Your choices on issues affecting your family and your children will be aggregated with those of other patriots in your community and the demands they make will be heard, loud and clear, by those who are supposed to represent you.  And when they don’t act on your behalf you will be informed and your choices at the voting booth will reflect that fact.  As we begin to show our policy makers and legislators that we are the ones electing them and what our demands are policy and law will begin to reflect our collective will.  Lawmakers will learn to represent the People that elected them or they will be recalled and/or voted out of office and replaced with those that will obey the People’s will.

The people that believe in fundamental American ideals are the majority in this nation.  At present the direction of the country is being controlled by an organized minority that is effectively controlling our institutions.  The ways we can reform our country through Patriot Union go far beyond those described above.  As a united body of Americans we can rebuild all our institutions, end the corruption in them, reorient the power of our government, and secure Liberty and Justice for All for the future of America.

For more information or discussion about any of these matters or anything else relevant to America’s rebirth please contact us directly.

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